Health Ministry

 Purpose of the Ministry: to facilitate the well being of the mind, body, and spirit of our faith community through education and access to resource information for health related topics and disease processes.

ANYONE INTERESTED in being a part of the Health Ministry team is asked to email us at

NEW: You Do Not have to be in a health related field to join! The Health Ministry would like to organize a way of assisting those in need within our parish and welcome anyone who is willing to help. Come join us!

Feel free to contact us by email at anytime with your questions or concerns at


Health Ministry Resources 

Dental Care for children of low-income families is available through the Frederick County Health Department.  Frederick County provides dental services to children on State Medical Assistance programs or uninsured children.

Dental Care for adults 18 years or older – Though the Frederick County Health Department does not provide direct Dental Care for those over 18 they do provide Gray Area Access voucher for adults with limited income and no dental insurance. Local oral surgeons volunteer to provide dental services in their offices at reduced fees. Please contact us for details at (301) 600-1041.

Monthly Flyers: Back To School  & connectedness_parents

Blood Drives: Register and schedule at or Call (800) 733-2767


Medical Directives End of Life Issues:   

The advance of modern medicine enables us to live longer, healthier lives. Great progress has been made in conquering and preventing disease. We are grateful for the life-saving treatments now available to so many people. However, with improved medical technology comes challenges. We want to respect life, but fear prolonging a painful or expensive dying process.

In times of serious illness or imminent death, we are called upon to make wise choices about whether to initiate, continue or even discontinue life-sustaining treatment. We might need to make such decisions for ourselves or for loved ones. These can be among the most complex and difficult decisions of our lives.

With this in mind, the Catholic Bishops of Maryland seek to share with everyone the helpful and comforting guidance that the Church offers about medical decision-making in time of serious illness, and at the hour of death.  The links below may provide helpful guidance to Catholics, in particular, and other interested persons, in general. If you have a situation you would like to discuss with a member of the pastoral staff, please contact Deacon Larry Matheny, 301-695-8845, ext. 204, or

Comfort and Consolation:  Care of the Sick and Dying ( A Pastoral Letter from the Catholic Bishops of Maryland):  Dead link

Comfort and Consolation Q & A:  Questions to Consider Now and at the Hour of Our Death (A Supplement to the Pastoral Letter Comfort and Consolation from the Catholic Bishops of Maryland): Dead Link

Health Care Directives:  A Catholic Perspective (A Legal Supplement to the Pastoral Letter Comfort and Consolation from the Catholic Bishops of Maryland): Dead link

For Advance Directives/Living Will Information please refer to the link from the Archdiocese of Baltimore  provided


 Holy Innocents:  A Ministry for families who have Miscarried. St. Ignatius of Loyola in cooperation with the Archdiocese of Baltimore, facilitated by the Offices of Cemetery Management and Respect Life.  Its primary mission is to assure every child who is miscarried (dying before they are born) has a sacred place to be buried.  If you or someone you know is miscarrying or has miscarried and needs a sacred place to bury the child, please call 410-547-3142 or email the office at     If you are interested in serving in this important ministry, training will be provided; please use the same contact to receive more information.

Area Resources for Other Articles of Interest:

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